Daniel Juma Omondi also known as DJ is an international Peace Advocate, Diplomat and an Expert on Peace, Security, Political & International affairs. He mainly refers to himself as a husband, and father to two children Regina and Henry.

A native of PUNY clan & Kobiero subclan of Ugenya constituency, Daniel is the 3rd child of the late Henry Omondi Okumu and Mrs Selina Ojode. His father was the son of Liender Okumu and Mrs Akumu Okumu of Simur Kobiero. Liender was the son of Onyango who was the son of Wandor Kobiero.

Daniel did his primary school in Sigweng Karuoth primary School, sat his KCSE in Ukwala High School, proceeded to the University of Nairobi where he graduated with a BA in Political Science & Korean Studies & a Diploma in International Studies from the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (IDIS).

He is currently the Executive Director of the Global Peace Foundation in Kenya where he works with stakeholders in efforts to transform education through programmes such as Character & Creativity, Leaphubs in Kenyan high schools. He believes his mission is to inspire the next generation of Kenyan leaders.

Before joining the Global Peace Foundation in 2011, Daniel worked for the Korean government as a Trade and Investment officer at the Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) for 10 years as a Trade Officer. Before joining KOTRA, Daniel lived and worked in Korea, Philippines and Germany where he briefly enrolled for studies at Duisburg University in Krefeld.

Daniel is a Director in several companies such as Xcell Consultium, Opinion Track, NBM & I Love Africa. He has been on the forefront in advocating for Community Driven Development in Ugenya through the Dongruokdala Initiative solely funded by him & his friends.

He opened the door to the many Kenyans studying & working in Korea & in several European capitals. More than 50 youths currently study & work abroad, sending financial help back home to their villages in Ugenya. He educates many orphans in Ugenya & other parts of the country but doesn’t brag about it. Daniel was the 1st person to install solar street lights in the sleepy streets of Ukwala. This small initiative inspired the world bank to install street lights in Ukwala and across Ugenya.

In April 2019, Daniel run for political office as a candidate for Member of Parliament of Ugenya constituency which fell vacant after a court petition. When the ODM party refused to conduct a party nomination and favoured his opponent in the quest for the ODM party ticket, he opted to quit ODM joined a smaller party GDDP under which he vied for the Ugenya by elections emerging 3rd out of 4 candidates. He is engaged in a number of development activities in Ugenya and other parts of the country.

Daniel is a socio-political writer and an analyst on Kenyan televisions especially KTN. He has documented expert views on political, social and matters education. In efforts to empower the youth in Kenya, Daniel pushed for entrepreneurship to be included in the Kenyan schools and has initiated youth mentorship such as “Realizing the Kenyan Dream” and Y-Talks to inspire the youth. Apart from English, Luo and Swahili, Daniel speaks other foreign languages such as Korean and Japanese.