The following were my by-election manifesto when I ran for Member of the National Assembly of Ugenya Constituency held on 5th April 2019.

1. To ensure that every women groups in Ugenya has at least one sewing machine.

2.To support youth groups, Boda Bodas and SACCOs in Ugenya to get credit facilities that will enable them invest in sustainable small businesses.
2. To set up a revolving Ugenya Bursary Fund with half of my salary going towards this every month. To ensure that I enlist donors world wide who can boost this fund.
3.  To use my vast international networks to arrange for scholarships & *Tom Mboya* style *AIRLIFTS* that will see more youths from Ugenya study and work abroad.
4. To facilitate every family in Ugenya to have access to Universal Healthcare by instituting a campaign for every family to enroll for NHIF.
5. To table bills in parliament to transform education, motivate teachers & improve the quality of learning in our schools. Sanitation & Equipment & improve learning facilities in our primary and secondary schools will be prioritised in Ugenya.
6. To improve the road networks within Ugenya & repair foot bridges across the streams (Gaula) in Ugenya. The Ukwala – Aboke – road connecting to the Busia bound tarmac will be prioritised.
7. To set up youth empowerment, information & innovation centres fitted with free internet where Ugenya youths bcan access information.
8. To buy & install solar street lights in the villages of Ugenya that doesn’t have access to electricity. I will also ensure that electricity transformers are made available closer to the people in the villages.
9. To repair all the KEFINCO water boreholes and get investors to make boreholes where needed. I will also fix the Yenga Sam water supply and also lobby the National Government to put other dams such as Mauna Dam to good use.
10. To lobby the Kenya Airports Authority for the fencing & uplifting of the Sega Airstrip to attract direct flights into Ugenya.
11. To negotiate with banks and petrol stations to set up branches in Sega and Ukwala centres. I will also attract local and foreign investors to set up factories, hotels and other businesses in Ugenya.
12. To table a BILL in parliament to decriminalize local brews and instead set up a local factory to buy the brews from the women, purify and package the same for sale and export like they do with waragi in Uganda.
13. To table motions in parliament to compensate the families of all those who were killed in post election violence & those who were politically assasinated.
14. To table a Bill to amend the law that will allow any political party that doesn’t conduct party primaries to field more than one candidate in any elections. The law will also remove the 3 month timelines imposed on independent candidate that have been locked out unfairly from their parties.
15. To UNITE the people of Ugenya. The kind of divisive political camps we have seen in Ugenya will be history.

16. To reach out to and cooperate with my political opponents and ensure that all of them are appointed to government jobs to enable them earn a decent living. I will make the people of Ugenya proud to be Ugenyans again.

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